Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hitchcock Fans Welcome

I am starting my Hitchcock education a little late in life, but why not learn together? Watching his films is my current unemployment pet project, and here is the perfect opportunity to see more of his work. The Egyptian Theatre is showing a double feature of Strangers on a Train and Rope tonight at 7:30.

Strangers on a Train was adapted into a screenplay by Raymond Chandler, the creator of the iconic character Philip Marlowe in The Big Sleep and The Long Goodbye. The film is about two men who meet and agree to commit each other's murders. Rope is similar, in that it is about two men who murder someone just to see if they can get away with it. It is based on the story of Leopold and Loeb. Both films feature Farley Granger in lead roles.

I have only seen Rope, and it is a great suspense film in total Hitchcock form. He has an incredible way of portraying a story of two lovers who commit a heinous act for the thrill of it. And all that without explicitly showing that they were lovers. Hitchcock really knows how to play out a story without letting the suspense die. James Stewart is so entertaining to watch as the guest, and the 10 minute long takes are simply incredible feats of both acting and filming.

This is your chance to see two classics on the big screen, and it is not to be missed. The Egyptian Theatre is east of the El Capitan Theatre past the Hollywood Wax Museum. It is just off the Hollywood and Highland metro station, so there are many easy ways of getting there. So get there!

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