Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tournament of Nerds! at UCB

This Saturday at the Los Angeles branch of the Upright Citizens Brigade, there will be another Tournament of Nerds.
"Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight, Superman or Gandolf? Are you a fan of Comic books, Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy? Do you like to see nerds engage in passionate debate? Then come to the "Tournament of Nerds!" Nerds square off in heated debate to decide which heroes would win in a fight, as they battle to get through a March Madness type bracket... ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE!!!"
This is guaranteed to be a fun night of geeky entertainment with judges like the hilarious Jonah Ray from the Nerdist Podcast and 'Web Soup,' and Sam Brown from the 'Whitest Kids U Know.' I first heard about this on the Battleship Pretension podcast a couple of years ago, and it is a can't-miss.

The way it works is that two comics face off and argue their one-minute case on behalf of their assigned character, and then get to make a 30-second rebuttal. It's all improved, they aren't pre-prepared bits. Watch these skilled comedians nerd out for only $5 May 21 at midnight (5919 Franklin Ave, Hollywood). It's like a pop culture Fight Club; but instead of blood spilling on the ground, it'll be pithy remarks laying waste to our favorite heroes and villains.

Ferris Bueller Vs. Manny PacquiaoUCBcomedy.com
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