Friday, May 6, 2011

Woody Allen in Person? I Want to Go to There

That's right, you're hearing it here first: Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band are bringing their tour through Los Angeles to at least one House of Blues location in November/December. Alright, alright, this is sparse information, but nothing is officially confirmed. This is straight from my insider source, so plan on becoming a fan of the clarinet and New Orleans-style jazz by winter so you won't miss a beat.

Allen has been playing the clarinet since a young age and has always had a passion for jazz. He went every week to Child's Paramount in New York and eventually asked clarinetist Gene Sedric to tutor him when he was seventeen, which he did (Eric Lax, Woody Allen: A Biography). Allen recorded the soundtrack for his film Sleeper with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and now he plays weekly at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan, occasionally touring with his band. I will be keeping you updated with more information until then, so follow the blog.

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